Queen of the Chickens!

“Our queen!” The lead rooster cried.
“Our queen!!” The hens and lesser cocks chorused.
“Why have you forsaken us? Was our offering not satisfactory?” The cock asked, clearly very hurt.

Becky reached into her pocket for a small business card. “Call me if you need to.” The guy had said. She thought, if ever there was a time to call a shrink, it’d be now! There were chickens running about her yard, popping out of her house, laying eggs under her car…talking to her.

“I’ve finally lost it!” Becky exclaimed. “After all those years, I’ve finally cracked!”

The chickens looked about, as if searching for what it was their queen had lost. Then, the head cock scrutinized her, as though examining for cracks.

“Oy,” Becky said, rubbing her temples, as she walked inside to her phone.

Her subjects diligently followed.

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