Where Old Loyalties Lie

The streets were bustling with early morning activity. Whenever Red took a step, the merchants watched her distrustfully; they all knew who she was.

“Richard,” She started uneasily. She could still she the ship, hidden from plain view. From here it looked like a trade ship, not one filled with ruthless pirates.
He shushed her. They had come to a door leading to what, Red Moscow, fearless Captain of the Saint Marie did not know.
“Hello!” cried a man who should lay off the crumpets. He stopped short when he saw her. The man turned to Richard. “Is this…?” Richard simply nodded. Red didn’t know if he was asking “Is this Kate”, or “Is this Captain Red Moscow”.
“Pleased to be making your acquaintance.” She stuck her hand out stoutly. He inspected it, as if it might be holding a sword somewhere.
“Take it!” Richard chuckled.
“Yes, of course.” He responded roughly, then wiped his hand on his suit.
“Now, to business. Red, would you excuse us for a moment?” His voice was slightly secretive.

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