Jacks Vette *

Jacks eyes popped open his mom was screaming Jack dinner in his ear.
What the hell, she was at the foot of the stairs.
He sat up rubed his head, maybe I hit my head, no knots or cuts. Whats with my hearing?
He grabbed his shirt on the way down for dinner.
Jack listened to the news, from dining room.
Conversation at the table hadnt changed, just like it was the day he left.
Then he heard the news anchor say, there was an accident this morning on the corner of Parker and Main Street, a woman was pulled from her burning vehicle, shes stable but in critical condition.
The police are looking for the driver of the other vehicle.
Jack wondered, how can I explain me walked away from that accident without as much as a scratch, bump or bruise.
Jack, his dad was saying, wheres the vette?

He and his dad had built that vette together from the ground up. It had been in the gargage for as long as he could remember. The day it was finished, his dad pitched him the keys, and said it’s yours Jack.

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