My First Forever

I walked into that maternity ward and the first thing that hit me was that new baby smell. It managed to make me feel disgusted and happy at the same time. The teenage me saw this as a lifetime of servitude to a little human being while the maternal part every girl has recognized it as the gift of life. As I walked up to her room at the end of the hall a numbness that I had felt since that day four months ago when my 16-year-old friend told me she was five months pregnant was lifted. I realized that there was no more saying just a little longer and it will be over, this was just a beginning. That day as I swung open the brightly painted maternity ward doors I left my childhood behind and walked into my first forever. I felt like I aged ten years in the ten steps it took me to get to her room where the new baby and proud parents awaited. I paused at the doorway and took a deep breath to before I plunged into what I realized would be the beginning of a million more forevers.

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