Texas Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas and boy is it hot
Not a creature was stirring in the whole trailor park
The rugrats were all sleeping all snug in their beds
While visions of video games play in their heads
The old lady and me had just hit the sack
When out of the blue I heard a truck roar
I believe its a dodge with a hemi decked out with much more
I ran to the window an yelp I was right
Santa drives a dodge, man aint that tight
Red and white striped and mounted right in front on the grill was the biggest pair of antlers, Santa doesn’t yield
The back of the truck was so loaded down
That the tailgate was almost touching the ground
He flung open the door and rushed to the back
Then he reached in and grabbed a big velvet sack
He hurried through the yard the dogs set to attack
With his black ostrich boots he kicked open the door,
dogs right at his back
He dropped the big sack in the middle of the floor

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