Betty the Chicken Forgotten

It was Easter, and Becky knew she would get the same old candy as always. Not that getting candy was a bad thing, but still, a girl needed variety. Especially when a girl got really bad stomach aches from chocolate. It was sad really. Her parents woke her up in the morning and told she was getting a special surprise this year. They went downstairs, and there it was, an adorable chick. By chick, I mean the bird kind. It was so cute. Becky picked it up, and pressed it against her face. The down was so soft. In another two months Becky had completely fallen in love with her new pet despite the fact that she was messy, naming her Betty. One day, she came home to find that Betty was missing.Her mom told her that they had returned Betty to the farm from whence she had came, because their other hens had become too old.Becky had simply thought that Betty was in a better place, not at all realizing that they had chicken for dinner that night. In a few months Betty was forgotten, and Becky started getting candy again.

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