Alphabetized Wonders

My mission was simple. My mission was pure. Sort of.
I know it is gonna sound really weird, maybe even slightly sick, that someone would rob a library. Especially, if they have a library card.

It started out normally, I was browsing in the classified section, when I realized that the magazines were from 1983. It was then, that I decided to rob them.

I did it in the dead of night. I rented a beaten up van, and recruited a few of my college buddies. By dawn, the shelves were bare.

It was all over the news; for once, they were showing something other than the latest evidence of Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

But, it wasn’t over. I went back, again that night. This time, they posted a few guards around the premises. Somehow, I made it in.

In the morning, where once sat disintegrating copies of fiction, biographies, and classics, were alphabetized wonders.

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