Lighten Strikes

The wind suddenly changed direction,blowing strong and cool. The sky growing increasingly darker I decided to go inside and get cleaned up.Thunder craked, lightening struck.A spark ignites the roof,its on fire.A neighbor reaches for the phone to call 911,their on there way.The thick smoke turns the clouds from gray to black,the flames fanned from the wind, every thing is burnning. Rain showers down but the flames spread faster.The firemen run in and out of the house, it begins to crumlbe, and fall. I hear men yelling outside,the smoke is thick,I can barely breath. I’m lost,I can’t tell where I am in the house I crawled into a corner of the room,the heat,sweat rolls down my face as do the tears.Noise, crackling, popping, I still hear thunder.The wall behind me is getting extremely hot. I slide down on to the floor,flat.Coughing, choking, looking up to ask god I saw a hand appear through the smoke.Take my hand a strong deep voice said.i grabbed his hand.Heat like I had never felt before,a fear like no other.

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