Van Mantra's Appearance

It was a frightening thing for all the people who had come for their savior, Van Mantra. They saw the sheer enormity of the human race. It awed some, but for most it struck fear in their hearts. And more were arriving. It wasn’t normal for people to see all this. Not only that, Van Mantra was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was having second thoughts. They waited for hours, hoping that Van Mantra had not betrayed them. They were wrong, Van Mantra had betrayed them. It was frightening. There was a mass of people, but it was as silent as a graveyard. You would hear an occasional frenzied whisper, as though it was an untold law they must not break the silence. They all looked toward the road, their hope unwavering, their trust unmoved. It dawned on many of them that all this could be a lie, but they had come too far, believed in Van Mantra too much for them not to be there when he finally appeared. The sun was starting to set, and people were getting worried, starting to leave. Then, Van Mantra showed himself.

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