Before the Desert's Revenge, the Old Lady's Past

She had spent her entire life as a doormat,a thing to be used until it became a hindrance. She was tired.Her children wanted to throw her away into a retirement home,and her grandchildren thought she was a boring old spinster who was only there to give them money for their birthdays. People her age thought her immature for not being grateful for her family and her money and her home.She would give up all of that for a sense of peace.She had spent her whole life working too hard for other people.She had spent 30 years working as a secretary for a man she thought was a waste of oxygen so that her children could go to college,now they wanted to pay 70 grand to a retirement home and be done with her forever.When she said no, they thought she wanted to be the kind of grandma who has a nice old house and bakes an endless supply of cookies.After she went against their wishes and bought a house in the middle of the desert and lived there alone,they stopped visiting her as punishment. She thought,is this what life is?

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