Virtual Funworld

I woke up, not recalling where I was, and was suprised to find myself in an apartment. I shofted over to the window, staring down.


Where did that come from?


I felt a quick buzz by my side. looking down i found a PDA strapped to my side on a holster simalarly on my side. I brought the PDA up to eye level. the text read:

“Welcome to A city. IF you are reading this, it means you are in virtual reality.”

I felt shocked… the last thing I remembered was driving down the street at the beach… then i remember a fast moving 18 wheeler im my periphrial…

“You were injured in a crash, your real body lies in a hospital, comatose. we decided to experiment on you, because you signed your body to science. all your actions are watched. this is a virtual city in a virtual contry in a virtual world. normal physics too. we left you a pistol, knife, and an infinate magazine for the gun (virtual world!). if you die in game, you regen back here, as if nothing happened. do what you want, have fun”

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