Screams were heard all through the house. My dad was drinking again and he got mad at my mom. Lisa was on mom’s side of course. They’re the closest mother/daughter relationship possible. I ran downstairs, holding my 3 year old sister’s hand. Mckenzie squeezed my hand harder when she heard the first bang. We quietly turned around the corner and saw Lisa laying on the floor, bullet in her chest. Holding back tears, I searched my head for the last thing she said to me… What could it have been?
Mckenzie didnt understand anything that was going on, even though she was watching it. I looked down at her. Her eyes sealed shut. Then three more shots were heard. One at my mom’s head, and two in her chest. I couldn’t hold back tears any longer. My dad heard me and Mckenzie’s cries and looked at us. He glared, laughed, and said, ” I pity you, Drake,” and then shot himself. Mckenzie let go and ran upstairs. I walked into the room where 3 of my family members layed. Now, I’d never have my baby brother or a family..

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