62nd Floor

I decided to take the stairs, all 62 of it. I had the latest issue of the New Yorker with me. Also a pack of gum, a half eaten cucumber and a bottle of cola. I stopped at 17th for a quick break. I settled down and finished the cucumber. I started reading about the guy who went to fishing with his dad and something happened, something horrible that is worthy enough for New Yorker. I resumed my journey. When I reached 29th, I heard a loud noise, possibly from 27th. I wanted to go back but at the last moment changed my mind. I landed on 39th and page 45, another story. This is about love, breaking up, and all that jazz. I sipped on my cola. It might be the caffeine. I hurried all the way to 59th. The door was open, it was dark. I finished the cola and started reading one of the book reviews, there were quite a few good ones, I have to make a note to myself. I realized I could walk slowly and read at the same time. Finally, I reached 62nd, that’s the roof, the end. I put a piece of gum in mouth and then I jumped.

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