Van Mantra's Capture

Oct. 25th.
Channel 527’s pointless biography went to break. 3 days before the prophesized war, this channel was on every Mantra television, and every Mezin television.

“Please stay tuned for a live commercial broadcast.â€?

The message crackled away to a low quality picture of Van Mantra, and by the looks of it, he had stuffed him self under his desk.

“Good morning everyone, i have urgent news for you. As you know, my hiding spot has been discoverd off of Felixstowe. I don’t have much time so listen. The writings of prophet Ethan Hass, and my own research leads me to insist that you migrate as far inland as possible.â€?

He was interupted by a loud knocking and muffled voices.

“He’s in here, I can hear himâ€?
“I want this door down now.â€?
“Heh, yes Sir!â€?

Van Mantra chimed in again.

“Keep your weapons close, and your loved ones closer.â€?

There was an explosion.

“Ignore the Mezin, the enemy comes from the sea. this will be my last…“

The camera dropped with the sound of a gun.

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