Snowing Snowballs

Look up into the heavens
On a snowy winter day
Just to see the tiny snowflakes innocently flutter down.

It wasn’t very poetic and it didn’t make me wanna “jump up and do it” but I did it anyway – mostly because he said it. So I walk out the door and look around. If anybody sees me out here staring into space, my social status falls like Lindsay Lohan’s pants at a party. After a few.. fine after twenty quick glances, I confirm that nobody is out here. I tread over to some random spot and fall for absolutely no apparent reason, into the 4 inches of snow. Well while I’m here, I might as well turn over and see whats so magical about the snow. As I’m turning over, I feel a snowball hit me in the leg. Holy crap it’s starting to hail!! I think as I stand up hurrily so I can get inside as fast as possible. That’s when I feel at least 10 more snowballs hit me – and 2 even hit my face!! I scream at my friends – half because they pummeled me, and half because I’m still in my pajamas and they pummeled me.

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