More Things in Heaven and Earth

There was a flat cracking sound as Cobb slapped a single into center field. When he arrived at first he shot Isaac a decidedly un-angelic gesture. Isaac waved a dismissive hand at the surly legend.

Goslin was coming up to bat. He had an unimpressive record against Paige. Robert glanced at his watch. “Oh damn,” he said. “Isaac, I’ll see you back at the house tonight. I’ve got an audition.”

“Shakespeare again?” Isaac rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, he’s doing Julius Caesar. I think I have a shot at maybe being a spear carrier or something this time.”

Isaac levelled a skeptical, pitying gaze at his friend. “Robert, you were a good actor on the other side, but you’ve got to let it go. Look at the competition. He’s got Brando, Booth, fucking Olivier. That’s to say nothing of all his buddies from when he was living, Burbage and all. All the talent up here – buddy, they won’t even let you run a light board, okay? I say this as your friend.”

Robert nodded somberly. All this he knew.

“Gotta try anyway, man.”

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