Love hurts

She had to be punished. It was that simple. She broke the rules and required punishment. Apparently, the beatings from before weren’t enough.

The first few years of their marriage were heaven, total bliss. She knew the rules and she obeyed them. It couldn’t have been a more perfect marriage.

Recently, she started breaking rules. At first, he was gentle. He’d merely slap her across the face or punch her in the stomach. He hated doing it but it was for her own good to remind her of the rules and how important it was for her to follow them. She made him punish her by breaking the rules.

But she kept breaking the rules and he’d have to be more forceful each time in reminding her. It really tore him up to see her bleeding from the nose or the bruises.

This time, she had gone entirely too far. Telling their neighbor that he abused her. It was too much. She was the most precious thing in his world. How could she hurt him like that? This time, she had to be set straight once and for all.

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