Hello, you've been frozen

“Hello,” said a kindly voice, a man’s voice with just a hint of a British accent. “No, don’t try to speak,” the voice continued, “You’ve been through quite a lot.” Blinking eyes revealed a shimmering world in poor focus, white and sterile around a central figure, the source of the voice. “I’m Dr. Bernard, and I’m part of the team of doctors helping you rejoin the land of the living. Ha ha, sorry, poor turn of phrase. You weren’t dead, not entirely. You’ve been frozen for, well, we’re not sure how long.” Panic, fear and confusion flushed from somewhere in the brain to swirl sickeningly down a chilled spinal cord. “Apparently, you’ve changed hands a few times, and records aren’t what they should be. To be quite frank we don’t know how long you’ve been frozen, what’s been done to you during that time, or even who you are. But we’re all quite committed to helping you find those answers. So, what do you say? Shall we make a go of it?” The voice was terribly cheery considering the news being delivered.

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