Your New Girlfriend Wants To Kill Me: A Suspenceful Drama Where Person Number One Does Not Believe Person Number Two. Seems Familiar, huh?

“She was following me, Max!” I told him. I’d already told him twice but he still didn’t believe me. Why does no one ever believe me?”You have to believe me! She was there! They were trying to kill me!”

“She’s Crazy,” Max thought. “I don’t know what I ever saw in her. I’m so glad I’m out of here in a week.” he decided to voice his opinion to her. “Come off it, Fawn, Tay was not following you. You’re going crazy, absolutely crazy.”

"She wants to kill me for spending so much time with you. She's jealous. She's the crazy one, not me!"

“Look, Fawn, I want to believe you, I really do, but I just don’t understand why my new girlfriend would want to kill you. I’ve already that there is NOTHING goin on between me and you. Nothing.”In his subconscience Max asked himself if that was really true, but he immediately shook the thought away. Afterall, he was supposed to like Tay, not Fawn….

I can’t believe he just said that! Nothing! What about what just happened!If Tay ever found out what they just did…...

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