Wreathed In Light, The Void Transcends

“I’m lagging in the middle..”
In her voice there was a frustration with failure to understand the cause of the problem.
DeWitt fumbled with comprehension of the physics.
“It’s like time is different at each end. There’s nothing any of us could have done to predict this mess.”
DeWitt slapped the comm, hands clammy, a cold sweat.
His voice flashed out across the nothing, towards the 10,000 year mission.
“Maggie, Gerald and his team are working on a solution. They’ve got a lead and we’ll have a workable solution to you by the..”
Her voice interjected, cutting him off. The fear and uncertainty were gone, though the undercoat of resolve almost failed to cover it completely.
“Not this time..”
A pause.
“Looks like both ends are fading. If dimensions don’t have clear boundaries, our whole perception of physics is massively unique to humans. It’s like wearing blinders.”
DeWitt swallowed, with great effort.
“Wait. Something’s happening..”
The speaker roared in DeWitt’s ear.
“There’s so much light..”

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