Spreadsheet, part 1

As Parity began to awaken from the forced unconsciousness caused by Spreadsheet’s synaptic randomizing function, she quickly realized two very important facts:

1. She was tied down to something, and

2. Knowing the villain, that probably meant she was in trouble.

Parity kept as still as she could, hoping not to alert Spreadsheet that she was awake, as she began to explore her bonds. Over all her trussing wasn’t very unique or too fancy. Her wrists were tied together in front of her stomach. Several loops of rope went around her waist and shoulders keeping them pinned there. A bit of shuffling her legs let her know that her ankles were bound as well.

There were no knots within reach of her gloved fingers, but she could feel one wedged between her wrists. The rope around her waist felt like it had enough slack that she could get the knot up to her teeth with a bit of work. She was pretty sure she could get free.

The rest depended on Spreadsheet’s plan.

Parity let out a small moan.

“Ah good, you’re awake.”

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