A Beast by Any Other Name…

I again reached for my sword as three Akindra approached our campfire, bringing their stench with them.

Qillion, Olveg and I stepped forward and stood our ground as the Akindra halted their horses near the fire. Their leader was a massive ape in plate armor, astride a monstrous black destrier. At his side were two other armored knights, holding aloft banners emblazoned with the crooked cross of their false “God-of-Many-Faces” and the crowned eagle, symbol of their king.

The lead Akindra lifted the visor of his helm, looking down upon us with an arrogant smirk on it’s cruel face. “Good evening,” it growled in a hideous approximation of speech. I scoffed loudly at it’s attempt at civility. It turned to me, eyebrow raised quizzically.

“Is there a problem, elf?” It snarled, the smirk becoming an unsettling grin.

“Not yet, human.” I spat.

“Good. To business, then…”

You see, to my people, these beasts were Akindra; meaning “evil; abomination”. But in their barbarous tongue, they were simplyÂ?… human.

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