"see you can do that"

he hadn’t been down that road for years,,if only he could take it all back,, all of it,,not listening when she would tell him to slow down,, that he was going to kill all of them or someone else one day,, shut the hell up he’d tell her,,
why,,,damn ,, why,, “maybe because you had one too many” his companion,, always there conscience,, yesssss,, it stabbed at him,, it burned him,, torture every waking hour,, and his dreams,, OH GOD ,, his dreams,,
the cycle sped down the road at breakneck speed,, the curve was coming… and he knew,, he saw,, he closed his eyes and just let go,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,his feet hit the ground with out a sound,, he was free,, and his speed remarkable,,the boy joined him,, smiled his toothless smile and said “see you can do that”

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