the village 3

to the pot and quickly poured its powder in and ran back to the shelf.It had better not happen again you will be sorry she snarled to the frightened little jar shaking on the shelf. Clawed being a cat was circling around her feet clawed make yourself useful and go gather some rats and black bats and tear off there wings. Then hang them to dry for more potions and things.Clawed hurried out the door.Wicked evil Pricilla mixed the powders together and placed it in a silk pouch and then she placed some fruit in a basket.She then went to gather some fresh flowers from someones beautiful field this should do she grinned an evil little grin. This should do. This should get me in the castle to see the princess Clawed she shouted come its time we must go.So off they went sneaking in the large wooden gates to the village.As they passed the blacksmiths shop she noticed people inside shoeing a horse.Hum who needs a horse when you have a broom to fly on.Men were gathered outside the town hall talking not noticing at all.

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