The Edge Of The World

How does it feel
To have your turn
To stand on the edge of the world
Maybe this time you’ll learn

Our love was not a toy
But you played me real good
No one’s gonna save you now
And no one ever could

Go ahead, take a look down
It’s scary, when you’re up above
When you know you’re gonna lose your life
Or the only thing you’ve ever loved

It’s a long fall, right?
Well have a nice trip down
I’ll even give you a push, if you like
Can’t wait til you hit the ground

Your pleas of love didn’t get you far
You’re a player but you don’t know the game
You ruined me and I fell apart
My heart will never be the same

Piece by piece
and mile by mile
I’ll watch you fall
And simply smile

A smile so wide
And satisfied
It’s hard to hide
Cuz you just died.

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