Starcrossed Lovers

The rain pounded down around me as my umbrella threatened to rip itself away from my tightly clenched fist. Suddenly a gust of wind tugged the sheltering nylon up and away. Throwing my head back I looked up at the dark sky to try and pinpoint where it had gone. In a flash through the raindrops I saw that dot of light that was her in my mind.

“Evie,” I’d said. “Every time you look at that star, I’m thinking about you.”

It was true as always. And as the rain soaked through the collar of my flimsy windbreaker memories of her flooded my mind. Memories of her dancing with her head thrown back and her arms welcoming the heaven sent blessings.

Then the rain reminded just where we were. I was here. And she had been ripped away from me as surely as the umbrella I’d just held moments ago.

Beautiful, brilliant, and just as untouchable as that summer.

But the star was there, and it would always be her.

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