The End that We all Expect

There was heavy turblance and it all was coming to an abrupt end. As the plane started to go down she thought, “Wow, this is it. This is what my whole life comes to- an excruiciating death in a hot plane with crying children. I waited my whole life for what?” Her watch was ticking, but it wouldn’t for much longer.All she wanted was time. There is so much time. That is all people say, “We have plenty of time,” but do we? It seemed as though she and the other passengers didn’t. There is never enough time. There are more things to be done. Good-byes are too short, if there are any. It all leads up to darkness.
The ground was spotted with a sigh of relief. “This isn’t it.”The noises from the plane were silent, yet deafening. This had to be it. It just had to be. Yet the plane started to come down steadily. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime, the plane landed. It was all over. She was alive and paralyized by fear. No one clapped like people normally did. They were just happy to be alive.

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