She was like the ocean; dangerous, she could take you in without a whisper. Yet, she was beautiful. He noticed this first about her. The second was her eyes; they didn’t ask permission to peer into your soul.

They’d first met on the 6 o’clock train to New Haven. She was sitting next to the only open seat on the train. He had struggled on with his briefcase and portfolio, before plopping down next to her.
“Hello.” She turned to him serenely.
“Hello. James Gryllis. You?”
“Frisay Thomas.” She replied stoutly.
“Frisay?” He asked incredulously.
“Yes.” She said simply, then turned toward to window. Suddenly, she laughed. It was the merriest sound one could ever hear.
“What?” He asked. She pointed to the boy outside with a puppy in one hand, and an ice cream cone on another.
“Reminds me of home.” She closed her eyes.

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