Stolen Artifact, Part III

Gary’s heart pounded as he watched the cylinder activate. A crowd was beginning to form around the crushed mugger, each person oblivious to the gadget as it began to pulse a dull purple.

The greatest failure that could have befallen Gary did. Gaping, he took two stunned steps backward before turning completely and breaking into a run.

The device was warming up on the asphalt. It throbbed bright magenta and began to hum. With every beat it expanded and contracted as if breathing warnings aloud. The hum escalated to a shrill whine; the light was now blinding to look at. One by one, the bystanders turned from the body… and a wave of panic seized them as they noticed.

In a fraction of a moment clarity was subverted by the rawest form of chaos. The cylinder’s energy burst into the air instantly, silently, tossing the crowd into the sky like confetti. The bus crumpled in the blast and flew down the street. The surrounding buildings were pulverized to dust.

The Guardians would not be pleased. Gary had to hide.

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