Spreadsheet, part 2

Parity shifted, trying to look a bit more helpless that she felt. Spreadsheet stepped closer to her, smiling as he approached his captive.

“Yes,” Parity nodded, “I’m awake. If I’d known I’d be waking up to you, I probably would have slept a bit longer.”

Spreadsheet smiled a thin smile. “Very cute,” he replied, “Don’t worry too much, you’ll be sleeping a long, deep sleep soon enough.”

“Oh,” Parity brightened, “I’ve seen this one before.” She coughed a bit, lowering her voice to something more masculine, “Now that I have you, my dear, you’ll never escape.” Parity paused for a moment and fluttered her eyes, then in a squeaky drawl she continued, “Oh, help me! Someone save me!”

After a bit more faux pleading, she looked at Spreadsheet and rolled her eyes. “Can we get this over with already? Explain the trap, start it up, and let me escape so I can catch you. I’ve got a date tonight, and I don’t want to cancel on him again because someone, like you, has seen to many cartoons.” Spreadsheet stared blankly. “Ok?”

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