Help me Hold On?

Another day at work. I try to tell myself that I’m here to learn, but at the back of my mind, a voice keeps saying, “do I really want to end up in a place like this?”

And here comes DragonBreath now. The short plump, taciturn woman critiques me on the endless things I’ve done wrong in the past three hours. I’ve long since learned to block her out. There’s no pleasing this woman, it’s futile to even try!

I pull myself through the day, and gratefully get into my car at the end of it. I sit at the steering wheel a moment, lingering in the parking lot. I breathe in a long moment and attempt to expel all the stress of the day. Everything I’ve kept in all this time comes bursting out now. I cry a little bit, realizing how terribly homesick I am. This city is killing me from the inside out.

I pray, beyond belief, for something to keep me going. I know that this will pay off in the long run…I just need something to keep my eyes set on for the time being. Something a little more…attainable.

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