Confronting Reality

My mom and I sat on her bed watching the TV blankly. We were both trying not to think; she flipped the channels muttering something about there being 700 stations and nothing to watch.
“Pooh,” she said quietly, “When would it be easiest for you to get into town for the dedication?” She didn’t look at me but past me.
“Probably Labor Day weekend. Other than that, no specific day.” I replied in a whisper.
“It’ll be in early fall. Grandma has been pushing it off as long as she can. She is having trouble with reality…as we all are.” She sighed as she said the final phrase.
“I wish I could do something but…” my voice trailed off into a whisper.
“I know…she knows too,” Mom acknowledged.
“I miss him too much. I keep thinking it’s a dream and that I’ll wake up tomorrow, and he’ll call me asking me if I heard the latest Olee and Sven joke.” I stuttered, dabbing my eyes.
“We all need to remind ourselves of that. Be glad you had him the longest of the all the kids.”
“It wasn’t long enough.”
“It never is.”

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