An Answered Prayer

Though things have gotten better, DragonBreath is still nearly unbearable. I quell the urge to slap this woman across the face, rage rising within my belly.

But then, when she’s barely gone and I’m dying for a pillow to scream into, he walks in! There he is, confident little smile on his face, his eyes lit up.

“Hey!” he says. “I thought you might want to see me.”
“Oh, how right is that! Thank you so much, I’ve been having quite the day.”
“I know.”
I ponder how on earth he could know that…when DragonBreath shows up again!

“Miss Johnson, who on earth are you talking to?!”

I turn back to him, but, suddenly, there’s no “him” to turn back to. “No one, Dra…Mrs. Drago”

“Then get back to work, before you no longer have work to return to!”

I turn my head to the ugly, tiled ceiling. “God?”

“Yes?” His voice resounded from all around me…and my eyes went teary in realization.

“Thank you.”

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