The Truth for Belle

Now it was my turn to speak the truth or at least say it within a manner that would give rise to the idea of the truth without her getting upset. I began to speak but my words were caught within my throat. I swallowed my fears my eyes ever intently upon her.
“I need to say something.”
The words were loud, louder than I had expected. They broke the uneasiness with such a force that I was caught by surprise. Perhaps it was just my perception. Emotions tended to emphasize moments within a persons life and at this very moment it was one of those moments.
She looked at me from behind a smile.She held her flower gently between her fingers showing it love as if the only way that flower could grow was by the warmth of her heart.
“Yes?” She asked her eyes large and wide awaiting another surprise.
Could I tell her, should I tell her? I asked myself these questions. Would I break her heart or would she come to understand the truth that needed to be told.
“I am leaving and I don’t believe I will return.”

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