Only the Best of Friends

“I Love you,” a voice said from behind me.
I turned around and see my best friend Nick standing behind me.
“I knew it was you. Let me guess. I was either daydreaming or staring at a cute guy?”
Sitting down next to me, he said,”Well, I think it was a little of both. But, you may not have been thinking about the guy you were staring at,” pointing at a chubby kid wearing a taco and sweat-stained, grey tee-shirt.
“Yeah, I was daydreaming.”
“Right,” he replied, rolling his eyes. “Whats on your mind? A guy, perhaps?” He paused for a second. “You do know I was just kidding about the whole “I love you” thing?”
“Yeah, I know. We’re just the best of friends. That will never change,” I said giving him a hug only a friend would give. “I’m just a little confused right now. And I’m getting a zit,” pointing to my forehead.
“You can barely see it.”
“You’re just being nice.”
I knew he could care less about my zit. Somehow I forgot
my acne. I just started thinking about how we’re best friends. But, that could change.

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