The Telling

There we were sitting on the big hill in front of the ocean. The wind was blowing just so the waves very gently crashed against the sharp rocks. I really did not want to be here telling him this. Especially on this beautiful night.
“It’s really pretty tonight, just like you, Delilah” he says. He spoke first.
“Listen Jack, I have to tell you something” I said just loud enough to be heard. I really hate telling him this ‘big news’. We’ve been friends forever and maybe sometimes a little more than friends, but ruining his life at age sixteen! I just couldn’t do that. But he deserves to know so here it goes.
“Wait Delilah, just so you know I love you”. Ohh my gosh is he trying to make this hard?
Now my hearts pounding and I am having trouble breathing a little bit. I take three deep breaths.
“Jack, I’m pregnant!” I nearly shouted. I hope no one heard. I bite my lip as I watch him waiting for his reaction.
“That’s pretty cool, I guess.” He said.
“No Jack, you’re the father!”
The wind halted.

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