The Purple Lady

I stared at this purple flower. Purple I thought. Why does it sound so weird to me?I heard the bell of the orphanage. It’s probably time to eat something. I ran in the cafeteria with my stomach rumbling. Two big girls ran past me pushing me and laughing like I was a joke. I suppose I am a joke. My thoughts were interupted when my very good looking best friend Edgar caught up to me.
“Hey Lily.” He said.
“Hello Edgar.” I said to him. I don’t like to talk much.
We walked into the cafeteria got our trays and sat down. I was biting into my sandwich when a very fancy lady walked into the orphanage cafeteria. She was wearing a purple dress, purple, big, feathery hat, purple shoes, had slightly purple hair and had these odd, cat-like purple eyes, similar to mine. I had never met anyone else with purple eyes. She didn’t look like she was adopting. “I need to see Lily” shouted the director that walked in with her. I waved good-bye to Edgar and walked toward the director. That night I went home with the purple lady.

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