As a child, I’d always enjoyed leaning over the balcony of my father’s high rise office. Until that moment, sitting on the gaurd rail, I’d never realized just how high 40 floors up was.

I looked back at the corner office suite that used to be my father’s.

Everything but the huge desk and intimidating bookcases had been removed, and the office had the distinct smell of industrial strength cleaner.

Of course, we’d talked about this before. I’d be recieving his office and made full partner. But I never intended to pass the bar. I never wanted this life, the office that was waiting for my things, behind me.

Before I knew what I was thinking, my grip had loosened, and I was no longer attached to anything . I closed my eyes and thought “So, this is how it ends” as I waited for oblivion.

A minute and a half later, I heard some one scream from the ground “What the hell is that?” I opened my eyes, I was floating, still 40 stories up.

“Great” I thought. “I wonder what this means.”

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