My Everlasting

I wander hastily through the leaveles woods, looking around, scanning my horizon and breathing in the cool chill of the winter air.
Snow falls slowly and silently among the distant sounds of jingle balls and carols humming across the sky. I lay down and look up at the white sky, slipping slowly into what feels like a dream, and I smile unknowingly to myself.
The ground beneath me is cold, but my body feels warm and comfortable as I look up with unblinking eyes a the trees leaning over me tucking me into the most blissful bed.
The snowflakes fall on my face, kissing my cheeks and mouth. My chest rises and falls with every breath, and snow collects around me.
More and more. Softer and softer. The blanket of nature falling down on me quietly.
I could stay here forever.
But I rise again and continue on, running through the leaveless woods, passing animals and feeling calmer than I ever have been.
This is the place I call my home. My center. My everlasting.

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