Play Girl

The kitten wandered curiously around my apartment, mewing every so often. She clearly didn’t recognize the place—or me. “I guess it rewound her mind as well as her body,” I mused. “At least I won’t need to worry about her dying of old age now.”

As I watched the kitten, there was a knock on the door. I already knew who it would be. My former live-in girlfriend, Julia, come by to start packing. We’d broken up the week before; I suppose it was partly to recover that I had tried to distract myself with a new DVD player.

I opened the door and let her in. “Hi there,” she said, trying to be friendly, but there was an edge of resigned irritation to her voice that she couldn’t quite hide. “Won’t be long.”

I nodded, and waved her in. “Cute kitten,” she said on the way to her room. I sighed. If only I had been a little more thoughtful…not forgotten her birthday…

And then it hit me.

“Hey, Julia, while you’re here, could you help me out with my new DVD player? I just need you to put your finger right here…”

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