Aboard the Behemoth

The ocean was a collection of warm colors as the sun began to set within the grips of the horizon. Waves lapsed against the side of the ship, the eternal ebbing of the ocean constantly caressing the metallic form of the machine.
He stood clenching his overcoat ever closer to his body as a cold wind came from the north. Looking at the beauty of the open ocean he wondered how ever was it that he was blessed by lady luck to be here. He walked about the small metal island within the twilight waters. With each step he took a deep metal echo answered him. In all his dreams he would have never imagined where he was now.
Aboard the Behemoth .
The crackling sound of a distant cannon brought his attention to the present. He looked about and was stricken with fear when he saw what he had been dreading the entire journey. With the Behemoth having barely survived the last adventure there was no possible way it could survive this encounter. He looked with dread and whispered under his breath.

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