Where My Heart Belongs

Can you smell it? The smell of the sea. Its salty sweet smell leaves a bitter taste in my mouth as I run and splash around in the water. Where the water meets the sand is my most favorite sight. The water never stops in the exact spot twice. The waves, they wash up treasures and I collect them all. I put them away and return only to do it all over again. My toes dig beneath the earth and I am in awe. The beauty before me is breath taking and life has never been more enjoyable. If only everyday was filled with this much adventure. If only I could live here to see the sun rise and set at this very view. If only I could stay asleep forever and dream about the sea. The water is where my heart wants to be, it’s where it belongs. The smell of bacon and the crackle of the frying pan wake me from my slumber. I sit up and smile at all the wonderful friends I have made in this place and wonder what they dream of. Most of them always talk about their parents, or who might adopt them soon. Not me, I dream of the sea.

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