Spreadsheet, part 4

Parity grunted as Spreadsheet tightened the rag, effectively ending her side of their conversation. Being gagged was not something she’d choose given an ideal situation, but having Spreadsheet angry enough to silence her barbs meant he might be flustered enough to make a mistake.

“You are correct,” he explained, “this is a packing plant. It is a subsidiary of a larger food conglomerate that I’ve been tracking the last few months. I’m no ordinary villain, I assure you.”

“Nnnhm,” Parity grunted.

“I’ve been buying up stock in this company, working toward getting a large enough holding to be able to throw my weight around at board meetings,” Spreadsheet ranted, “Oh, I was a nothing as an accountant for them, but soon, very soon, I will be so much more.”

“My bank heists have merely been the first step in the larger plan to take over the company that fire me. You, are actually a blessing in a disguise. When bits of Parity show up tomorrow, their stock prices will plummet so low, I’ll be able to buy it all up.”

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