In the beginning....

In the beginning there was me. I was once full of inspiration and hope. Then, there was him. He was going to be my saving grace.

I never trusted myself completely around him because I was convinced that one day it would all be broken, just like everything that had transpired in my short life. I would wake up one morning, ignore the alarm clock, roll over, and there would be nothing by air sleeping next to me.

But he stuck by me, surprisingly. I do not know if it was out of love or pity at first, but as the months passed, I knew he loved me. He loved my short stature. He loved that crease between my eyebrows, deep and depressed into the center of my face from years of frowning. My laugh, deep and boasting, never melodic. He loved me.

And that love has kept me strong. It helps drive out those fearful thoughts that still hide in the corners of my mind, emerging now and then as if to shock me back to reality.

But he is my reality. His love keeps me real.

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