When Time Stops.

After getting past all the choppy waves on the lake and the “No Wake Zone” on the river he finally stopped the jetski where there were no boats or sounds of motors.
A bird was singing somewhere close by and he tried to forget he was on a jetski and that there was a lifejacket strapped tightly to him. He tried to imagine what this river was like a good 5 centuries ago.

He let the water push his jetski towards the bank. It was like time stopped.

The earth shifted and he could hear the sound of distant drums up in the hills. He could see fire coming from the distance, the sun up high in the sky. A mother and her children coming to this river to bathe and gather water to wash clothes and drink.

Eventually the sun started to set and it was time for him to go back to the cabin before the jetski curfew started. One last look at the large hills covered with trees and the bank infested with animals, and he was off. Back in modern times.

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