A Nightmare worth forgetting.

The sun was setting under the hills in the distance as Andy playfully chased Arrianna. As they laid down on their picnic blanket, Arriana rested her head on Andy’s chest. He sighed contently as the couple cuddled, watching the last rays of sunlight disappear, and drifted off to sleep.

Evening turned into pitch black night as the couple dozed.

Andy was jolted awake by the sound of the earth moving. Beneath the picnic blanket, a great split was opening. Andy jumped to one side, but was did not grab Arriana quickly enough.

She screamed as her hands slipped thru andy’s. He jumped closer to her, feverently trying to save her, but as soon as he did, two small, deformed figures accosted him.

Demented laughter mingled with Arriana’s plea’s for help, and andy struggled in vain to save her disappearing form.

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