The Letter

The rain was drenching everything within its cold embrace. He stood over the boy’s body. The boy had to be no older than seventeen. He was a good looking boy, perhaps not popular kid material but he wasn’t a sore to the eyes. The officer frowned. He hated accidents like this.
“This is a strange accident,” his partner cried out walking over. The officer didn’t lift his eyes. “Why’s that?”
His partner looked down at the boy and held out a picture and a letter. He took a quick glance. The picture was that of a young woman with golden hair and freckles on her nose. “The letter is addressed to this girl,” his partner began, “basically its a love letter, the kid was going to go read it to his girliefriend. I guess this kid had a crush on her or something. One line reads ‘even thoug my heart will stop I will continue to love you.’ His partner whistled. “Thats deep, well here’s the part thats weird…” His partner left off. “What?” he asked.
“The girl who was driving the car, the girl who killed him was her.”

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