Spreadsheet, part 5

Parity glared at Spreadsheet, watching helplessly as he threw the switch that activates the track on which she was lying. He gave a small wave, said, “Thank you for you help,” and disappeared into the shadows.

This, as far as Parity was concerned, was fine. Daring escapes were typically trickier with an audience.

Parity started by working her wrists and shoulders as much as the ropes would allow. She needed as much slack in the ropes around her waist as she could get; if she could get the ropes around her shoulders over her shoulders, she just might be able to get enough.

As she worked on the slack, other escape plans half formed in her mind, but were quickly dismissed. There were short barriers on either side of the track which made rolling off he side impossible. There was a blade in her boot, but the way she was bound put it too far from her hands.

If she was going to escape, she had to get her hands free.

Parity looked up reflexively, and gasped. The end of the line was close.

“Hurry it up, Parity!”

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