I’m in past my head
I’ve jumped off the diving board
Into the deep end
But I can’t swim
and now everything’s black
What have I done?

It’s not my fault
I didn’t start it
I just got picked up
Like dust in a vacuum
And got thrown into the midst of the struggle
Now I’m listening to everyone
While they swarm around me.

I’ve been tossed into a swarm of bees
I’m trying to keep everyone happy
But I don’t know what to say
What to do
I can’t take it anymore
I’ve tried my best
But now everyone around me is falling apart.

While they bicker and fight
I drift away
Sinking lower into the water
But I can’t swim
and nobody notices
Because they are so caught up with themselves.

The world is going black
And I can’t see anymore
But I don’t care
I feel calm
At peace
I’m going away
I don’t have to listen anymore

Like the ocean after a storm
I’ve been shipwrecked
And now the gentle waves
Are caressing my body to shore.

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