Gone With The Clouded Sky

I would never think that death would happen to me. Not to me, the happy smiling girl that always carried optimism on her shoulders. I would never think that someone this close to me could actually die.

But then again, what was I thinking? People aren’t invincible. Mom…she wasn’t invincible…

I dropped to the ground, my head falling into my hands. I sobbed. I weeped. My salty tears mingling with the sudden spasm of paranoia and fear the welled up in my mind, consuming all of the good memories.

The solemn gray tombstone was the only thing left of her, of my mother. Her smiles, her love, her reassuring laughs; they were all gone. Gone with the clouded sky. The vast gray sky. Was she up there?

My choked cries and the lonesome call of a raven were the only sounds that penetrated the deep silence of the graveyard. How could I live like this?

She’s gone…She’s really gone…

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